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Book, Music, and Lyrics by Kit Goldstein Grant

Based on the true (?!) story of New York's famed Cardiff Giant

Full Length Musical, Family Musical, Appropriate for all ages

Large Cast: 10m, 4f, Ensemble (Doubling possible)

Running Time: 90 Minutes

Step right up and enter a world of wonder! Emily, a bright young girl with an active imagination, has run away from home only to find herself in the employ of a shady showman, William "Stub" Newell, the owner of a petrified, prehistoric giant. But when P.T. Barnum threatens Stub's business with a giant of his own, Emily has to sort through what is fact, what is fiction, and what's all just a part of her imagination.

"Storytelling at its best..."
- Elizabeth Ann Foster, The Front Row Center


"This was a clever, humorous, and delightful stage production with joy heightened through the music of Kit Goldstein Grant... Grant has succeeded in painting miniature aural masterpieces enhancing the portrayals and story... Storytelling at its best..."

- Elizabeth Ann Foster, The Front Row Center

“The story of Emily’s journey is delightfully written and the music and lyrics are both charmingly whimsical and deeply moving.” - Edward Medina, Theatre Review NYC


"Ms. Grant has crafted a tight musical play about wonder, imagination, and the loss of innocence that inevitably occurs when childhood first comes into contact with the adult world." - Jan Ewing, Hi! Drama


"Step right up to a world of child-like wonder in Kit Goldstein Grant’s musical masterpiece, The Giant Hoax." - Argenis Ovalles, Theater Pizzazz


"The book, music and lyrics by Kit Goldstein Grant create an imaginative, clever and charming story..." - Christopher Caz, Theater Scene


Artwork by Christopher Michaels



Staci Stout, Forest VanDyke and the cast of The Giant Hoax in the 2019 production at Theatre Row in New York, NY.  Photo by Brian E. Long.

In November 2019 The Giant Hoax had it’s NYC premiere at Theatre Row on 42nd Street, produced by IndieWorks Theatre Company in association with Visceral Entertainment, Judith Manocherian, Tom Gavin, and Christopher Michaels.


Previously The Giant Hoax was presented by the Classic Theater Guild to sold-out audiences at Proctors Theater in Schenectady, NY in November 2010.


The Giant Hoax has also had developmental readings with the Classic Theater Guild's 6th Annual New Play Festival in upstate New York in 2009; The Playground Experiment’s First Reads Series in New York, NY in the summer of 2017; and The Gallery Players’ Overture Series in Brooklyn, NY in fall of 2017.

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Bill Palmer as The Cardiff Giant, posed next to the original Cardiff Giant statue in Cooperstown, NY.



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