The Mermaid of Edam
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The Mermaid of Edam
A children's musical, based on a Dutch folktale.
Book, Music & Lyrics by Kit Goldstein Grant

The Mermaid of Edam
In the Dutch city of Edam, famed for its industry, cleanliness, and cheese, they have no time for silliness and imagination. The Burgomaster runs a tight operation, and demands strict conformity. His daughter, Katrijn, longs to be a painter, but the Burgomaster insists she spend her time on housekeeping and cheese making instead.

One day there is a storm and a wave washes a mermaid into the town square. The Burgomaster feels it is his duty to keep her on land and train her to be a good housekeeper.

The Mermaid quickly wearies of these tasks, and determines to return to the sea. To get there she helps Katrijn to teach the Burgomaster a lesson about the importance of dirt!

The Mermaid of Edam
Selected Songs

Production History and Photos

The Mermaid of Edam was commissioned by Schenectady Theater for Children for their 2010 season. The show toured to elementary schools, libraries, and historical locations interested in Upstate NY's Dutch heritage.

Selections from The Mermaid of Edam were performed for Crown Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Maxima of the Netherlands on their visit to Albany for the Quadricentennial. To see a Dutch newsprogram about this visit, which includes a clip of this performance, visit "Willem-Alexander en Máxima in Battery Park en Albany (2009)"

Song performed for Prince Willem-Alexander's Visit
Emily Franklin and Amanda Serrano performing the song "A Clean Sweep" for Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Maxima of the Netherlands

It's Raining Tamales!

It's Raining Tamales!

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Book, Music & Lyrics Copyright 2009 Kit Goldstein Grant
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