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It's Raining Tamales! was a finalist in the 2014 Mountain Playhouse International Comedy Playwriting Competition and a prizewinner in the 2012 Jackie White Memorial National Children's Play Writing Contest

It's Raining Tamales!
A children's musical, based on a New Mexican folk tale.
Book, Music & Lyrics by Kit Goldstein Grant

Hector Falls Off a Bench

It's Raining Tamales!

Book, Music & Lyrics Copyright Kit Goldstein Grant 2010

Hector and Inez have been poor all their lives, until the day Hector finds a bag of money hidden in the woods!

Inez makes Hector promise to keep quiet about it: a bandito must have hidden that money, she says, and if he finds out they have it, he will come and demand the money back!

But Inez knows Hector cannot zip his lip for long, so she must come up with a clever scheme to fool the bandito.

A bandito armed with hot peppers and squishy tomatoes, a hard working miller and her daughter, and a narrator-cat with a penchant for drama round out the cast of this delightful musical comedy.

Selected Songs

Production History & Quotes
It's Raining Tamales! premiered at the Schenectady Theater for Children in upstate NY, and toured Capital District schools and libraries throughout Spring 2011. Due to demand, the show was brought back in Fall 2011, and was later revived and toured again in 2015. It’s Raining Tamales! won third prize in the Jackie White Memorial National Children's Play Writing Contest and was a finalist for the Mountain Playhouse International Comedy Playwriting Competition. It is published by YouthPLAYS.

It's Raining Tamales!

Some quotes from the k-5 audience...

"All the children loved the play."

"I loved when Hector put honey in his hair."

"It was a very good play. It was very funny when Hector was eating his shoe."

"I loved it. ... I liked when they cooked tamales."

"I think it was the best play I ever saw."

"I love the part when Hector went to school and said that the letter D is a wheelbarrow."

"The show was cool and funny."

"My favorite part is when Hector went to school. I liked the show a lot."

"... [I]t was funny and amazing. It was a show I'll never forget."

"The play was great."

"The robber was the best, and it was funny when Hector thought a tree stump was eating his head."

"I love the play. It was really good. My favorite part was the cat. I love the cat. The cat was so funny. I really enjoyed the play."

"Thank you for the show!!!!!!"

It's Raining Tamales!

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