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Musicals for Young and Family Audiences

El Gato leads a Mariachi Band

Praise from Children:
"That play was the awesomest!"
"…[I]t was funny and amazing. It was a show I'll never forget."

Praise from Teachers:
"The children were captivated…"
"I have been a teacher for 34 years, and this is the best children's production I have seen…"

The Nose
**Produced in February 2017 at the Master Theater in Brooklyn!**
**Nominated for 4 awards in the Summer 2016 Midtown International Theatre Festival!**
**2nd Prize Winner in the 2015 Jackie White Memorial National Children's Play Writing Contest**
**Finalist in the 2016 Mountain Playhouse Comedy Playwriting Contest and the 2015 Helen-Jean Playwriting Contest!**
The Nose Picture

A man's nose disappears from his face, and turns up the next day gallivanting around St. Petersburg dressed as a general -- what a lot of nonsense!

It's Raining Tamales!
**Published by YouthPLAYS!**
**3rd Prize Winner in the Jackie White Memorial National Children's Play Writing Contest!**
Hector and Inez have been poor all their lives - until Hector finds a bag of money hidden in the woods! Inez makes him promise to keep quiet about it: she's sure that a bandido must have hidden that money, and if he finds out they have it... But Inez knows her husband can't zip his lips for long, so she'd better come up with a scheme clever enough to fool a bandido...a scheme involving a peculiar downpour of tamales! Throw in a narrator-cat with a penchant for drama, a hard working miller and her daughter, and of course a bandido armed with hot peppers and squishy tomatoes, and you have a recipe for a tasty musical comedy.

The Mermaid of Edam
When a messy Mermaid washes up on land in Holland, a pompous Burgomaster attempts to teach her to be neat and tidy.

King Midas
A lively children's musical based on the Greek myth.

The Giant Hoax
A one-act musical about New York's famous Cardiff Giant, as seen through the eyes of a young girl. For late elementary through middle school, or family audiences.

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